donderdag 25 mei 2017

Lekkere strawberrietjes

When something makes me smile, I know I like it;)! Aardbeitjes van de boerderij:). Yumyum.

woensdag 24 mei 2017

Be like the honey bee

If we all would search for sweetness like the bee does... Then this world would be a much sweeter place:)!

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

If we would all hate hate...

Hate is a poison. A deadly poison. That eventually, sadly, if one keeps on takin' it, is able to kill all the wonderful fragrances of love and compassion that live inside a human being.

maandag 22 mei 2017

donderdag 18 mei 2017

Prisoner of hope

When I'm moving fast, running through the forest. Barefoot, feeling every branch and leaf. Absorbing the green, singing one of my favorites. You know, wild and free, like the girl I used to be. That's when I know. I'm still dreaming. That's when I know. I didn't wake up yet...

woensdag 17 mei 2017

Op een zalige zomer, proost!

Liefs en groetjes vanuit het (nu nog steeds) heerlijk warme hoge noorden:)!